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    Royal Panda Casino – How to Get a Free spins on Your Favorite Games

    Royal Panda Casino

    Royal Panda Casino – How to Get a Free spins on Your Favorite Games

    Royal Panda Casino must be one of the coolest and most visually appealing online casino websites on the net right now. It has got the cutest and coolest pandas around, having up to all kinds of frolics and fun. The games here are really varied and are largely powered by Microgaming, Next Generation and NetEnt technology offers almost 400 progressive slots to choose from. In addition, to these, they also have a nice selection of games like blackjack, video poker, baccarat, roulette, keno and much more. They are also loaded with bonuses and offer a lot of incentives and promotions that both beginners and experts can really get attracted to.

    They have a lot of other things as well. Aside from the online casino, they also have mobile gaming, a great number of free games, an in-house newsletter, an in-house newsletter and also a number of live streaming television shows that you can take advantage of while playing here. This makes it a real “go to” site for all gamers. In this Royal Panda Casino review, I will cover some important things that I think will make this gaming website stand out amongst the rest.

    Firstly, they have a lot of exciting promotions and bonuses. For instance, you can choose from their loyalty club promotions wherein as you sign up for them, you get special offers and privileges such as double your bankroll’s, entry into special monthly draws and so on. Moreover, you can also enjoy some really interesting casino games while enjoying these special promotions. Some of these include: Mega Millions, Slots, Craps and Tic Tac Toe.

    On top of these promotions, they also have some fantastic casino bonus offers that you can enjoy. These promotions are basically known as the double your money promotion where in you can double your bankroll’s in casino games here. They have some very interesting double bonus offers with their slots promotions such as double spins with every single dollar that you bet, double your money in a craps game, etc.

    Secondly, they have live dealer games and video streaming that you can take advantage of. In live dealer games, players can actually see each and every second of each game played here even if they are not present in front of their computer. This definitely increases the excitement of gambling at Royal Panda Casino. On top of this, they offer free slots and video games that you can avail of.

    Lastly, they also have a welcome bonus and a deposit bonus scheme that they use all the time. The welcome bonus basically allows new players to deposit with no fee and with just a little spending money. The deposit bonus is however, a combination of all your previous deposits and serves as a credit for future deposits with reduced deposit amounts.

    So now that you know all the basics of this casino, you may want to know more about the actual bonuses and promotions that you can get. First off, there is the double your money sign up bonus. For this, you will need to make your first deposit with the total amount of your first deposit. After you make your first deposit, you will automatically receive a further ten free spins.

    Then, there is the welcome bonus. As mentioned before, this is a combination of all your previous deposits. However, there is an additional welcome bonus for new players that you will receive once you make your first deposit. It is basically an automatic 25% bonus on your first deposit.