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Koenigsegg Gemera 1,700 hp


When we thought that Koenigsegg was incapable to stun us once again … we were wrong once again. The Geneva Motor Program would certainly have been the stage picked for its presentation to the public of the brand-new Gemera. It is the first four-seater automobile of the Swedish brand name, a high-flying GT and remarkable performance qualifications. More than a high-flying GT, we need to say that it is a hypercar in GT format, with 1,700 hp of optimal power as well as attributes efficient in mocking cars and trucks like the Bugatti Chiron.porsche 911 negro estacionado junto a una pared blanca

This factor has not been cleared up, however it would certainly make good sense considering the trajectory of the brand. The car will certainly consider less than 1,900 kilos, admirable thinking about the weight of the batteries as well as their 4 engines. Only 300 devices will be created, at a rate yet to be determined, but estimated at around 1.7 million bucks.

The Freevalve system allows it to be really reliable, as well as its dual supercharging by 2 turbos in series permits it to establish 600 hp as well as 600 Nm of torque. Not since it is a tricylinder it will seem bad: it is connected to an Akrapovic exhaust particularly designed for this function. This engine can melt traditional fuel, pure ethanol, E85 bioethanol or CO2-neutral gas. Surprisingly, there is no reference to transmissions. The Freevalve engine could send its power with a hydraulic combining, in the Regera design.


It has 3 meters of fight as well as a great deal of indoor space. It is an automobile designed for lengthy journeys.

The style of the vehicle advises us of the rest of the versions in the array, yet we can even see reminiscences of the brand’s past in its lines. Personally, I like its fluid lines, its extremely cautious design optics and the air intake of the thermal engine, located in the rear wheel arch. Its aerodynamics are very intricate, and it has a large back diffuser, as well as energetic components. This car is capable of reaching 400 km/h, so no form or surface area is casual or picky. But the truly advanced thing is under his skin.

Koenigsegg Gemera on the track

The propulsion of the vehicle can be 100% electric approximately 300 km/h, thanks to the mixed 1,100 hp of its three electric motors. 2 electric motors are mounted on each rear wheel, and also the third is mounted at the leave of the crankshaft of the thermal motor, which sends its power to the front axle. The thermal engine has been called Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG) by the brand name. It has just three cylinders and also 2 liters of cubic capacity, and also its shutoffs are completely electronically regulated, without any camshafts attached to the crankshaft.


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The Koenigsegg Gemera is a plug-in hybrid with really high flights. It is a plug-in hybrid, with three electrical motors, a three-cylinder thermal engine and also four-wheel drive. Its 1,700 hp of maximum power and also 3,500 Nm of mixed optimum torque allow it to do 0


A simple answer could be due to the penalty provided by the weight of the batteries, but we were curious to know how the engineering department managed to extract 600 hp from the combustion engine, with 2.0 liters, three cylinders and two turbochargers. But that’s not all, because the Gemera adds 500 hp electric thrusters, one for each axle.